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Jack Cory is the Founding Partner of Public Affairs Consultants Inc. For over 40 years he has committed all of his efforts to representing clients, both private and public, before the Florida Legislature, state agencies and local government entities.

He started his career in Florida politics serving as a campaign consultant for national, state, and local candidates. His work has brought him through every corner of the state. He brings with him an understanding of the unique local environments and political currents in preparing successful strategies for the firm's clients.

Jack has extensive experience in the Agricultural, Business Regulation, Environmental, Solid Waste, Recyling and Local Government Legislative issues.

He has a talent of creating the most successful outcomes for clients by bringing the best possible people together to work on any issue.

Jack attended the University of Maryland and served in the USAF 397 Bombardment Wing SAC.

Congressman Dennis Ross & Boys and Girls Club Thank Jack Cory

Some of the issues he has successfully represented the Firm's Clients on are:

  • Passed legislation reducing a Telecommunication Association Members' access fees by $14M annually
  • Defeated legislation that would have given a large national rental car company an advantage over a Florida based firm
  • Appropriation approved for more than $16M to expand a Long Term Heath Care pilot program statewide
  • Amended the rewrite of Florida's Solid Waste Act environmental laws
  • Passed legislation exempting one of the nation's largest medical clinics from Florida licensing requirements to permit them to expand into Florida
  • Defeated legislation that would have required a Foreign Registered Cruise Ship Company to change its operating procedures
  • Received an appropriation in the amount of $4M for a new office building at an Agriculture Center

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